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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: JTDS help
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 15:45:34 GMT
> From: Charles P. Killmer [] 
> I am
> going to run filemon and watch for access denied messages, then regmon
> and watch for similar things.  The network is very fast, the db server
> is not being used by anyone else.  It seems to me that if it were
> environmental, it would affect these other programming languages the
> same.  I checked and the jtds.jar file is in tomcat\common\lib.  
> Any other thoughts while you wait for the results from filemon and
> regmon?

Basically, I suspect a delay being introduced, most likely by some
unexpected authentication.  Last twice I saw a 2-3 second delay, both
were from a SQL Server trying to authenticate and not having a domain
controller within easy reach.  What user is your Tomcat server running
as, what protocol are you using to connect to SQL Server?  And if you
run osql.exe as that same user on that same machine, what behaviour do
you see?

Other steps to look for delays:

1. Fire up a SQL Profiler.  Watch for activity.  How soon after the
request for the page is made, does the connection request get made?

2. What's the CPU usage on the Tomcat box?  On the SQL box?

3. With a network sniffer, monitor the traffic flow between the two
boxes.  What's being sent when?

I'm aware that I could be barking up entirely the wrong tree here -
especially if your Tomcat isn't running as a service and is running as
your domain user account - but it just might be worth a check.

		- Peter

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