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From Paul Erion <>
Subject Re: Serving up a Flash file
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 08:03:40 GMT
    > Shey Rab Pawo <> wrote:
    > Your conclusion is not correct.  What Mr. Bainbridge told you is true,
    > but that does not restrict where you can store the files on the server.

Ok, now I'm confused ...

   [Bainbridge]: What you need to do is generate the Flash file in
           in a directory that Jboss/Tomcat serves files from like
           webapps\yourwebappname\flash_files or similar or
           similar and then the value= in your embed needs to be
           relative to the location of the JSP that includes the tag.

My interpretation of the first part of the above is that the generated
Flash files need to reside in the web app's directory structure. 
However, you're saying that that's not the case -- they can reside
wherever on the server.  So, is it the second part of Mr. Bainbridge's
statement that provides the clue for accessing these files?  That as
long as the Flash file's path is specified relative to the location of
the JSP (which includes the "embed" tag), then I'm good to go.


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