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From Paul Erion <>
Subject Re: Serving up a Flash file
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 06:28:49 GMT
    > Jason Bainbridge <> wrote:
    > Okay that scares me, you're developing web applications ...

Don't worry.  No one's paying me for this -- I'm just fooling around
on my own, trying to learn some stuff

    > ... but don't know what the file:/ URI does?

Well, I *am* kind of an idiot -- and I'm also pretty sure that nothing
that I write here will disprove it.

    > Anyway why it works on the localhost is that it is trying to load the
    > file from the C: drive of the machine the page is opened on and well
    > it's there on the server but obviously not on the client.

Thanks for the explanation.  I was erroneously assuming that the URL
would be evaluated in the context of the server.

    > What you need to do is generate the Flash file in a directory that
    > Jboss/Tomcat serves files from like webapps\yourwebappname\flash_files
    > or similar and then the value= in your embed needs to be relative to
    > the location of the JSP that includes the tag.

This makes it interesting ... in the scenario that I'm envisioning,
the Flash files are generated prior to a user's request to view the
file, and there's not a fixed number of files (that is, new files will
be continuously generated).  Consequently, I didn't want to store the
files in the same directory hierarchy as the web app (somehow that
didn't seem like a good idea).   So, if I understand you (and remember
I'm a bit dense) it's just not possible, via the "embed/object" tag to
specify/access a file that doesn't reside in the directory hierarchy
that JBoss/Tomcat serves files from.

Once thanks for the info, it was helpful.  And if  you have any other
thoughts, suggestions, or pointers to docs, I'd love to hear them.


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