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From "Martin Goldhahn" <>
Subject pluggable protocols in web apps
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 13:58:59 GMT
We use pluggable protocols to access resources. These don't seem to work
with the class loading scheme Tomcat is using. Having a class
no.mycomp.protocols.myprot.Handler I do the following:
1. prepend "no.mycomp.protocols|" to the system property
2. create a URL with URL u = new URL("myprot://whatever");
I get a MalformedUrlException: unknown protocol myprot
When I debug the code I see that the call Class.forName(....) in
URL.getURLStreamHandler() fails (The one in the try block). After that
the System class loader cannot load my protocol handler either. 

Is ther a way to get this working. perferably without moving archives to
Tomcat's common\ or Java's endorsed path?


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