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From "Parsons Technical Services" <>
Subject Re: Slow HTTP upload of POST content
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 22:42:41 GMT
Well for the life of me I can't find it either. I know I read it somewhere. 
The idea was an issue with IE causing a fragmentation of the packets and 
retransmits. It boiled down to a bug in IE for certain versions. I don't 
remember a solution.

So with that lets go after your setup.

Are the machines running IIS or are you accessing Tomcat directly?

Can/have you done any network analysis to see what the packets look like and 
if there are any retransmissions?

Are the network cards the same on all the servers?


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Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 8:42 AM
Subject: AW: Slow HTTP upload of POST content

Sorry i did'nt find the thread, althoug I searched for somthing like this.
If you know exactly, where the thread is, send me the adress, cause I dont
know where it is, and it would help me a lot of, not to loose more time
on this search.


 BMW Group
 Herr Christoph Emmersberger

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>Von: Parsons Technical Services
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>An: Tomcat Users List
>Betreff: Re: Slow HTTP upload of POST content
>Search the archives. There is a thread on this and the cause.
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>From: "Michael Merkulovich" <>
>To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
>Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 2:14 AM
>Subject: Slow HTTP upload of POST content
>> We are experiencing a very strange problem with HTTP uploads
>on tomcat5.
>> When uploading large files from IE over the network, upload speed is
>> capped
>> at about 70kbytes/sec even though the network allows for much higher
>> speeds.
>> Neither CPU nor disk access appears to be the bottleneck. When using
>> FireFox
>> browser, upload speed is about 4000kbytes/sec. When using IE
>from the
>> server
>> through loopback adapter, speed is 7000kbytes/sec.
>> This problem is happening on 2 separate servers. One is a
>win 2000 box
>> with
>> a freshly installed OS. The other one is a brand new windows
>server 2003
>> enterprise edition.
>> I tried apache fileupload library and o'reilly
>MultipartRequest. I also
>> tried reading directly from InputStream all to the same effect.
>> There is one machine which runs file-for-file identical tomcat
>> installation
>> under the same version of java. When accessing that machine
>with IE from
>> other boxes, uploads go fast.
>> I cannot figure out what's different between the machine on
>which it works
>> and the two on which it doesn't. Any ideas?
>> -- Mike
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