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From "Trond G. Ziarkowski" <>
Subject Cookies in Tomcat 5.5.7
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 10:50:51 GMT
Hi all!

I'm making a filter that checks that my cookies are set, and sets them 
if they are missing.

Code for setting cookie:
        String path = request.getContextPath();
        cookie = new Cookie(name, value);
        logger.debug("Setting cookie: " + cookie.getName() + ", " + 

Code for checking cookies:
            String path = request.getContextPath();
            for (Cookie c : cookies) {
                String cName = c.getName();
                String cPath = c.getPath();
                logger.debug("Checking: " + cName + ", " + cPath);

When setting the cookie the Cookie.getPath() method returns the path I 
have set. But when checking cookies all calls to Cookie.getPath() 
returns null regardless of what path I have set. When viewing the 
cookies in Firefox the path is the same as when I created the cookie.

Is this a bug?
Has anyone experienced similar behaviour?


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