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From Adam Fisk <>
Subject Re: coyote standalone?
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2005 00:19:02 GMT
Hi Brad-

The Jetty ResourceHandler works fine, but it's just a little clunky and 
unmaintainable.  I already adapted their static resource handler to 
suite my needs, but there are lots of methods that are about 100 lines 
long and things like that.  It does things like require a Jetty 
"Resource" instance that in turn requires an actual, a 
requirement I'd prefer to avoid in certain cases.  It works well and 
passes all my tests for Range requests and everything else with flying 
colors, but I'm looking for something slightly more elegant.  It's also 
tied to the Jetty code pretty tightly.  If I wanted to use it with some 
other framework, such as Spring, I'd have to refactor it quite a bit to 
only rely on plain on HttpServletRequests and HttpServletResponses.  
That's the path I'm currently planning on following, but I'm fishing 
around for a better solution.

This is all to partially to implement my adaptation of your very elegant 
JXTA, Jetty, and HttpClient integration -- great stuff!!


Brad Neuberg wrote:

> Hi Adam.  I always get headaches when I got into the Tomcat source 
> base; its almost too abstract and I can't figure out what does what.  
> There is a book that is comming out or may already be out that details 
> Tomcat's internal architecture that I've been meaning to read.
> Why isn't Jetty enough for you?
> Brad
> At 02:55 PM 2/10/2005, you wrote:
>> Can I use Coyote HTTP 1.1 server outside of the rest of tomcat?  I'm 
>> interested in just plugging in the coyote jar for serving static 
>> content using Jetty, but it appears to have dependencies on the rest 
>> of tomcat.
>> I don't want to use the rest of Tomcat due to size constraints.
>> Thanks.
>> -Adam
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