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From "Jonathan Wilson" <>
Subject Re: Recommendation: where to place app config file without overwriting during deploy. JNDI configuration also??
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 00:28:56 GMT
Okay, lets try this variant of my original post..

I've started using JNDI under 5.0.19 and when I deploy to my remote 
server(using /Manager) I need to change the data sources url connect 
string(f/test DB to prod DB). Does everyone use Ant while building the 
WAR to filter/whatever this url? How do you make changes to the context.xml?

Thanks in advance,

Jonathan Wilson wrote:

> My current upgrade procedures are to shutdown tomcat 3.x, move the 
> current version of my webapp directory somewhere else, recreate the 
> /webapp directory, then un-jar the war file created by NetBeans. After 
> doing this I then have to modify the WEB-INF/app.config file with 
> customer-specific information. The code is identical, just 
> configuration items change. If the customer has changed their 
> app.config then I have to roll those changes into the new app.config 
> file. Also, I have to copy the log files out of the old version into 
> the new versions' /logs directory and modify the stock 
> to point to their desired directory. Also, I can't 
> always have access to the server to do this so I've written a 
> procedure to explain this to another.
> Is there a way to store customer configuration info(app.config, 
> outside of the app and have the app still know how 
> to find it?
> There must be a better way - nothing in the Tomcat Application 
> Developers Guide that covers this.
> Thanks in advance,
> JW
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