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From Andreas Andersson <>
Subject using shared objects from tomcat
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 20:31:31 GMT
Hi (again)!

I still have problems useing a shared library from within a tomcat 
webapp. The same code works from a standalone appication but not from 

If anyone can answer one or more of the following questions I would be 

1) Is there any way to log what a .so-file attempts to do without 
altering the source? This so that I can see if the .so tries anything 
funny thats not allowed from within tomcat.

2) Is there any way to get more information from an 
UnsatisfiedLinkError. Now that error is all I get, no reason or root 
cause at all.

3) What differs in how tomcat and a standalone java application loads 
libraries? And what is the restrictions on loading subsekvent libraris 
(ie the first one loads the ones it depends on).

If I could assigne Duke Dollars, Expert Exchange Dollars or some kind of 
Tomcat Dollars I would.

Andreas Andersson
IT Dept.
Travelstart Nordic

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