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From Paul <>
Subject Re: Restart-On-Failure for Tomcat?
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 05:02:50 GMT
I would suggest either a process monitor or using cron to run script 
every minute or so that would use wget to get a test page and if it 
fails, restart tomcat.  I've been using the latter of the two with good 
success for a while.

Of course, I'm assuming your using Linux or the like, but if you're on 
Win then you can set the recovery options under services.

I'm not aware of anything inherent in Tomcat.


Robert McIntosh wrote:

>I'm supporting a web application running on Apache (2.0x)
>/Tomcat(5.0.x) w/ mod-jk.  The web application seems to cause Tomcat
>(5.0.28) to fail on average once a week.  Restarting tomcat tends to
>do the trick, however this is in a production enviornment.
>I've been looking for a "restart-on-failure" script or inherent
>feature in Tomcat that can perform this.   Please forward me
>information on how to monitor Tomcat for error conditions and restart
>the application.
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