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From Paul <>
Subject Re: Preferred Platform for Tomcat5
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 19:44:20 GMT
I've usually used different distros of Linux.  Mainly Slackware (8.x, 
9.x & 10.x) for 32bit x86 machines and Fedora Core 3 x86_64 on the 
Opteron systems.  I do stripped down installs, no X, no sound, etc.., 
basically installing only what the server needs.

So far so good.  The Slackware boxes have been running flawless for a 
few years and have been updated from Tomcat 3.x up to 4.x numerous times 
without problems.  Actually for production I only have Tomcat 5 on the 
new FC3 machines, but I do have it on a Slackware development box and 
haven't had an issue.

All boxes are blazingly fast, but our bottleneck is usually mysql, not 

Slackware boxes
P4 3.06G w/ HT & 1-2GB ram
2.4.2x kernels
s/w raid 0, mysql 4.0.x, jdk1.4.2, tomcat 4.1.x
2-4 7.2K RPM PATA drives

FC3 boxes
Tyan S2882 boards w/ two 242 Opterons & 4-6GB RAM
3ware 9500S RAID controller (using raid5)
6+ 10K RPM SATA drives
mysql 4.1.x & jdk1.5.x & tomcat 5.0.x



Todd Reed wrote:

>Excluding Windows, is there a particular platform that works better with
>Tomcat5?  What are members of this list using for a production
>installation of Tomcat?

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