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From Paul <>
Subject Re: How do you start tomcat in production, with -server or not ?
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 18:59:09 GMT
Are you referring to the JVM option?  Is so, I use the "-server" option 
in the CATALINA_OPTS that get passed to the JVM.

AFAIK, the client mode (default) is good for fast startup and low memory 
requirements.  The server version is geared towards providing the best 
performance at the expense of the memory footprint.  There are some 
technical difference that I've never explored, like default heap sizes, 
complication & inlining policies.

To finally answer your question, I've always used the -server option in 
our production machines without a problem.  And I don't even notice the 
slower startup.



Marchioni Francesco wrote:

>Hi all,
>I have read on Sun documentation that it's adviced to start server
>applications with -server
>option which should boost performance though with slower startup.
>Somewhere I can find post of users telling not to use the -server flag
>because it can leads to instable environment (but they don't give any proof
>about it)
>What is your experience ? Do you start Tomcat with -server in production ?
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