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From "Paul Luo Li" <>
Subject Re: Is information on the number of downloads available?
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 17:53:54 GMT
Thanks Tim for the reply and the great link. 

It's difficult hard to decipher the actual numbers from the charts. Is there
a chance that I can get the numbers used to generate the graphs? Also, I
noticed that the chart only goes back to 2002. Does the information go back
to 2000? 

I have bugzilla data on Tomcat 3, Tomcat 4, and Tomcat 5 going back to 2000.
My plan is to fit a model using historical metrics information like LOC,
download, deltas, etc., and the number of bugs in historical releases (i.e.
tomcat 3.2, tomcat 4.0, and tomcat 4.1) then use the model to predict for
the number of defects in the next release, given the metrics for the next
release. In order to build the model, I need the download information for
the historical releases. 

Thanks so much for the help


But see the disclaimer at the bottom of the link above.


Paul Luo Li wrote:

> Hi 
> 	I'm a Ph.D. student at CMU looking for information on the number of
> times Tomcat is downloaded. I'm investigating defect occurrence (i.e.
> predictions for open source projects. I have done some preliminary work
> describing the defect occurrence patterns of Tomcat (and a couple of other
> systems, commercial and open source):
> 	Next, I hope to predict the defect occurrence patterns using
> information including the number of times the code is downloaded. So, I
> wondering if Tomcat tracks download information? And where I might to go
> it?

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Paul Luo Li
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B.S. Mathematics, University of Virginia 2001.
Ph.D Student Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 2001-

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