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From "David W. Brown" <>
Subject Elusive context path issue
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2005 16:42:52 GMT
Hello Tomcat gurus, I am sure this has shown up a few thousand times but I have just downloaded
the TC 5.5 in hopes that my little JSP app I am dreaming up will run on the servlet server.
Here is the problem: I cannot get the context path right no matter what and the TC manager
just claims: Failed to deploy application at context . I have embedded <echo /> statements
all through the build.xml in hopes to catch the culprit. My JSP app is so small it is patterned
right after the Hello World (/sample) sample.war file application that comes with TC. I have
used the standard on all the configuration: build.xml, web.xml and (which
probably is not necessary). I can only get the following error condition:

Failed to deploy application at context path /inventory

Like the sample.war I only have a single jsp and a (dot).html file. The sample.war file will
deploy at: /sample but my inventory.war only fails with the error condition noted above. I
cannot seem to control the context path what-so-ever. Ant environment vars follow:

[echo] Using user.home=C:\Documents and Settings\hbd6345
[echo] Using dist.home=C:\Documents and Settings\hbd6345\My Documents\general\dev\inventory/dist
[echo] Using build.home=C:\Documents and Settings\hbd6345\My Documents\general\dev\inventory/build
[echo] Using app.path=/inventory

Any and all remedies, rants or raves welcomed.

Please advise,


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