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From "Parsons Technical Services" <>
Subject Re: [OT] RE: Attn developers of Tomcat and JK
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 18:10:36 GMT

I do not use jk at this time so am not able to help you directly. If you do 
some surfing of the archives you will find there are typically three types 
of users.

Total novice who are just looking for a free environment to learn in.

Serious user who uses the product for every day life.

Cheap user who uses the product because it is free.

Often the novice will say just that. "I about as dumb as a box of rocks when 
it comes to Tomcat."

These users will often get some sympathy from the community because we have 
all been there once.

The serious user will often ask a question and still dig into the code 
themselves. On many occasion have I seen a user solve their own problem.

Then the cheap user who uses the product because it is free and yet treats 
it as if they paid thousands of dollars for it.

I am not trying to lay blame or label you, but let me ask a question. Have 
you looked at the source code for jk, jk2 or Tomcat? For this is the power 
and advantage of open source. If you own a M$ product and have an issue if 
they do not want to fix it you are stuck with no recourse. Usually you can't 
even convice them that it is a bug in the code. And this applies to others 
as well, I had an HP printer that had a problem, the same problem as 
hundreds if not thousands of other had. HP said it was everything but the 
printer (which is now scrapped). Yet another printer works fine in it's 
place. They effectivly sweep it under the rug, yet if it was open source, I 
bet someone would have found the bug and fixed it.

If you will post your config files for jk and server.xml you might also get 
some feedback. Often a miscofiguration can cause all kinds of grief.

One thing that peaks my curiosity is the line that says:
Tomcat is probably not started or is
listening on the wrong host/port (

How do you have the listener setup in Tomcat and what IP/name are you using 
in the config.

Seems like sometimes jk is trying to call Tomcat on a port that is not setup 
to listen for it.

So if you are not too disgusted to try again, please repost as stated above. 
Otherwise good luck on your quest for a different server.


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