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From Nalini Belaramani <>
Subject Fwd: Jikes rvm and tomcat
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2005 07:00:44 GMT
Hi all, 

I am having problems trying to run tomcat with jikes rvm

Here is the setup i am using.

jikesrvm 2.3.3
gnu classpath 0.10
jikes 1.18

In tomcat, i have changed the _RUNJAVA variable in file 
_RUNJAVA variable.  _RUNJAVA was originally set to "java" executable
in the j2sdk, i have changed it to the jikesrvm executable i.e.

However, now i am experiencing problems with jmx.  According to the
error message, due to the licensing requirements, i need to download
jmx 1.2 implementation and replace it in the $catalina_home/bin
I downloaded the sun implementation and replaced the jmx.jar file in
the $catalina_home/bin directory with the jmxri.jar of the sun
implementation and renamed it as well.   But i still get the same error message.

I would really appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Wish you a happy  new year


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