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From Andreas Schildbach <>
Subject Problem with including JspC generated web.xml fragment
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2005 16:17:08 GMT
Hello everyone,

I've got a bit of a problem precompiling JSPs for Tomcat 5.0. To be 
exact, the problem is the web.xml fragment that is generated by JspC 
containing the servlet and servlet-mapping elements.

That fragment has to be included in the web.xml file somehow. Of course, 
I don't want to do this manually after each precompile. What's the best 
way to include the fragment automatically?

If I use the XML entity inclusion mechanism, I run into some problems. 
First, if I enter statements into my original web.xml, the XML parser 
also wants to include when JspC tries to open the file (at this point 
obviously the generated file is not yet present). The second problem is 
that the path of the included file seems to be relative to the current 
directory - not relative to the including XML file.

What are the alternatives?

Personally, I'd prefer to use a transparent process. First, the web-app 
is assembled using no precompilation. It should be fully functional at 
this point (for development and testing), which means that there can't 
be any tokens or inclusion instructions in web.xml. In a second step, 
the web-application should be transformed to an application with all 
JSPs precompiled, with all descriptor modifications that are needed. It 
would be perfect if in this state the application would still be fully 
independant of Tomcat.

Any help, any thoughts? Thanks a lot!



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