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From Ray Whitmer <>
Subject Getting jsp line/column numbers during custom tag execution...
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 17:22:44 GMT
As I develop complex applications with large jsp based upon my own custom tags, 
often the tags fail to execute due to errors in tags that sailed past the 
compiler with no errors.  At runtime, row/column information seems long gone.

Is there a way to get Jikes to cooperate with my tag handler classes and give
it constant info on the compile-time row/column/file during initialization, as 
occurs with page context, parent, etc?

I would very much like at runtime, when reporting a tag that malfunctioned, 
to be able to report the file, row, and column number of the failure to save
the page authors possibly hours on each problem trying to figure out where 
the failure occurred.

Probably something like the information returned by getRowNumber, 
getColumnNumber, getFile from org.apache.jasper.compiler.Mark in Jikes.

I know of no way to programmatically enhance the Jikes compiler to do this 
short of modifying it's source files, which is an option, but I don't have the
courage to try that right now or maintain it across releases.

Are there other, less intrusive options?  Has someone else tried to address 
this before?  Is there a more-appropriate list to ask this question on?


Ray Whitmer

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