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Subject Developing a large project using Tomcat, please help me
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2005 17:43:40 GMT
we are developing a large java project using Tomcat.
On the same project works several persons and the project counts
serveral thousand of classes.

The project has (in few words) three big places:
- standard: the place in which are placed all the classes (not jar but
- patches: the places in which are places the bug-fixes of standard classes
- work in progress: the place in which a developer develop his own
modification to a standard class

Each developer has its own Tomcat.

Now, imagine that
- in standard classes is there a class named: helpme.class
- this class has been bug-fixed and in  patches is there the same class
- a developer is working on its own local copy of this class and he has
  places it in his own work-in-progress folder

Is possible using Tomcat to manage a situation like that?
In other word, If I develop using j2SE standard, to obtaint what i want,  I
simply set my CLASSPATH
env variable in this way;


And java default classpath ensure me that it loads helpme.class first
looking in WowkInProgress,
than, if not found, in AllPatches, than, if not found in standard

Is it possible during Tomcat runtime to have something like that (possibly
WITHOUT using jar)

Thank you very much in advance.

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