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From Harry Mantheakis <>
Subject How does Tomcat know that a browser supports cookies?
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 10:12:20 GMT
The API for the HttpServletResponse.encodeURL() method states that "the
implementation of this method includes the logic to determine whether the
session ID needs to be encoded in the URL".

How does Tomcat know whether or not a browser supports cookies, or session
tracking is turned off?

Is it simply a case of looking for the presence of a "Cookie:" header in the
request, and assuming that cookies are enabled if the header is found?

And if that is the case, would I be correct in assuming that browsers (when
permitted by their users) will set "Cookie:" headers in their requests even
if they do NOT actually have any (previously set) cookies to send back to
the server?

I'm just guessing, of course - and I know I should not generalise about
browsers: I'm thinking of IE, Mozilla/Firefox and Opera.


Harry Mantheakis

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