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From "Mark Benussi" <>
Subject Re: Please recommend a Low Cost Tomcat Hosting platform
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 15:49:39 GMT
H Paul,

Yes in terms of the logging and connection pooling I had that problem and so 
I implemented the commons database pooling and use log4j to do my logging.

Sorry it wasn't so clear for you....

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From: Paul Taylor <>
To: Mark Benussi <>,Tomcat Users List 
Subject: Re: Please recommend a Low Cost Tomcat Hosting platform
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 15:36:32 +0000

Review of

I made the mistake of selecting a Shared VM trial thinking I could get way 
with it but I couldnt.
I managed to get my basic application running, although deployment was a 
very hit a and miss affair, Tomcat Manager didnt work properly  and I didnt 
receive satisfactory explanations of what was going on. But I wanted to 
implement database connection pooling and changes to the tomcat logging and 
this was not possible so I requested an upgrade to a trial to a private JVM, 
but was told only one trial per customer is allowed.

At least they give a free trial but Im checking out and deciding on someone else to try.


Mark Benussi wrote:

>Let me know how you get on Paul, and feel free to let them know I referred 
>you ; )
>As a tip I would recommend the following:
>If you have any custom XMl with external DTD then ask them to make sure 
>your account has external access to retrieve the DTD's (They don't do this 
>by default). Also if you need SSL ask them now as they need to do some 
>specifics with your host IP address.
>Mark Benussi
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>From: Paul Taylor <>
>CC: Tomcat Users List <>
>Subject: Re: Please recommend a Low Cost Tomcat Hosting platform
>Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 16:26:40 +0000
>I've taken a look at the recommended options and this is my view from 
>looking at the Websites provided.
>1. WebConnexions has very little information regarding JSPs (there is only 
>one question regarding Java on Support) and the pricing ids unfairly skewed 
>to be cheaper for US accounts. Im a bit dubious about it because I have 
>already signed up with a supposed Java Host and found it lacking.
>2. MythicBeasts is very flexible but would require me to deal with the 
>administration of the whole machine which isnt something I really want 
>todo, having deployed by application I want to just leave it be as much as 
>3. NameOnTheNet looks promising, they only seem to do Java Hosting and 
>there is alot of support information and they are based in the UK so I 
>think I might give them a try.
>4. AssortedInternet look OK, but they seem to cover so many different types 
>of hosting I am unsure of how important Java Hosting is, also based in US.
>Paul Taylor wrote:
>>I have a Tomcat 4 Application ready to deploy as a WAR. It uses database 
>>pooling to connect to a MYSQL database. I recently selected a Tomcat 
>>hosting platform to deploy my application but the deployment is non 
>>-standard you have to copy various parts of the WAR to different locations 
>>which dont match the standard deployment and it doesnt use database 
>>pooling to connect to MYSQL. I have been unable to get my application to 
>>run on it because these issues.
>>This is not a high performance website and I do not need/cannot afford a 
>>dedicated server I just want to easily be able to deploy my application.
>>I am based in the UK so a UK/English Speaking host would be preferable.
>>Could anyone recommend a hostthat provides this straight forward 
>>deployment facilities.
>>Thanks paul
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