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Subject RE: Out of Memory when compiling JSP (Struts app on Tomcat 4.1.27)
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 14:56:53 GMT

It sounds like it's using the default of -Xmx64m.  Probably the best way
to troubleshoot out or memory errors is to see what is really happening
with garbage collecting, the same way that you tune it.  If you can add
these options, then the JVM will spit out all kinds of useful

-XX:+PrintTenuringDistribution -XX:+PrintGCDetails -Xverbosegc

But it sounds like the problem is that it's not getting the options.
What you really need to figure out is exactly how the service is getting
started.  For instance, if it's calling tomcat.exe then I don't believe
that the JAVA_OPTS environment variable is ever looked at since that is
in the and startup.bat files (I'm not 100% certain about that

Find out how it's starting.  Also, post the version of Java you are
using (since the options I gave you above don't work on all versions, I
think 1.4 and up or 1.3 and up).  But the -Xverbosegc works all the way
back to 1.1 if I'm correct.


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Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2005 8:25 AM
Subject: Out of Memory when compiling JSP (Struts app on Tomcat 4.1.27)

Hi all

I'm working on an application currently that is experiencing some
intermittent memory problems when installed onto our "integration
test" server, but not on the development staff's local laptops.

I have attempted to increase the maximum memory available to Tomcat by
creating a global environment variable (because tomcat runs as a


Which doesnt seem to have made a difference. Is this the best way to
increaqte the memory available to an application? Is my syntax wrong?
Are there other options I can set that will help?

The weird thing is that when I look at the memory usage of Tomcat.exe,
the most memory it has used is 110,000

there seems to be no pattern to the memory errors (as usual) and it
happens a lot when compiling JSP files.

The system memory seems high, but not horribly so. I see the following
in Task Manager

MEM Usage = 885,000 (varies)

Commit Charge:
Limit : 2,522,244
Peak : 958,260



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