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From "Matteo Turra" <>
Subject Linux Threads
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 09:51:09 GMT
Hi, I use tomcat 5.0.28 + jk2 connector + Apache 2 on a Linux Suse sles8
and on Red Hat Enterprise.

I try to understand why on Suse with ps command I see multiple apache
and tomcat process and on Red Hat only one apache and one tomcat

I read apache2 docs and with "httpd -l" command I saw both apache are
configured in prefork, this is the output:

[root@Trantor root]# httpd -l
Compiled in modules:

(I guess prefork.c stands for prefork mpm, but I'm not sure)

How Apache and Tomcat manage threads in linux environment?

Where can I specify, how many threads and how many process for apache
and tomcat?

Why I see diff in process count between Suse and Red Hat?

Thanks in advance.


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