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From Troy Simpson <>
Subject Multiple instances of Tomcat 5.0.28...
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2005 23:04:57 GMT
I have the following software packages and OS:
Apache 2.0.52
Tomcat 5.0.30
mod_jk 1.2.8
Sun Solaris 8

I am configuring a server to run multiple instances of Tomcat 5.0.28
under one instances of Apache 2.0.52 and one Virtual Host.  This
server is for development and I want to protect the developers from
each others boo-boos.  ;-)

I want to run the Tomcat instances under an Apache2 Virtual Host.  How
can I allow each group of developers to access the jsp-examples,
admin, manager for their respective Tomcat Instances?

For example, how could I set something up like this?

Developer One on Tomcat 1

Developer Two on Tomcat 2


Troy Simpson
  Applications Analyst/Programmer, OCPDBA, MCSE, SCSA
North Carolina State University Libraries
Campus Box 7111 | Raleigh | North Carolina
ph.919.515.3855 | fax.919.513.3330

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