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From "David Vandaele" <>
Subject Tomcat service crashes "unexpectedly", no trace in logs
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2005 19:04:10 GMT

We're experiencing Tomcat crashes during stresstesting of a webapplication. 

Situation: Tomcat runs as a Windows service.  During stresstests the Tomcat-services suddenly
ends "unexpectedly".  The Windows eventlog logs states something like: "...service ended unexpectedly..."
 The problem is not easily or consistently reproducable...

When I look at all the logs of Tomcat and of our webapplication, no mention of an exception
or error or crash whatsoever !(?)  (They all just stop abruptly)

First I thought it was an OutOfMemoryError problem.  I forced an OutOfMemoryError myself by
limiting the memory of the JVM of Tomcat severely.  But then I could see loggings of an OutOfMemoryError
in the Tomcat stderr-log, which is not what I expected because I didn't expect any loggings
of a crash at all...

The problem only *seems* to occur when the servermachine is completely left alone (not logged
in or locked)  Additionally, it usually occurs after between 30-70 minutes or so.  When I
keep monitoring the machine while the same tests are running the crash doesn't seem to occur
?!  Could it be a power-saving issue, like e.g. with the network-adaptor ?  Then I would not
expect a crash, but a stacktrace ?

I tried adding a try-catch(Throwable) around a method where everything starts (the process
method of my Struts ActionServlet). I've been trying to reproduce the problem since, but as
I mentioned, it's not consistently reproducable...

I've searched the net trying to find related problems, or a JVM problem of some kind with
this version, haven't been successful though...  If it is a problem with bad memory, I would
expect to see different behaviour, like more random crashes, not only of the Tomcat service...

Environment: Tomcat 4.1.29, JDK 1.4.2_03, Windows 2000ProSP4, bi-processor Xeon machine.

Any help/advice/ideas is really welcome and appreciated !

Kind regards,


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