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From "Andrzej Jan Taramina" <>
Subject Re: Long running requests and timeouts?
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2005 18:21:32 GMT

> I don't know your usage pattern, but especially if there could be a 
> number of such requests coming in at once, you are tieing up server 
> resources this way.  You also start running into situations like you 
> mention with timeouts (I'm actually surprised the browser itself didn't 
> time out after a few minutes).  It also doesn't give a very good 
> appearance to the user... it seems like the system has just frozen, 
> which it actually hasn't.

These requests are not going to be called by users through a browser, since 
they are "Web Services/REST" types of requests.  The only time they might get 
called through a browser is for testing purposes, in which case the tester 
knows that they will be very long running and that's not at issue.

The timeout seems to be affecting scripted invocations of the request as well 
(using the commons-http library), so it doesn't seem to be a browser timeout 
issue as far as I can tell.

> If it's feasible, I think you may save yourself some trouble by 
> rearchitecting this rather than trying to solve this problem.  You can 
> do something as simple as this...

> Does that all make sense?  I don't know if your in a position to 
> rearchitect what your doing, but if you are, I very much suggest doing 
> so.  Hope this helps!

This does make sense, except for the user part, since users will never access 
the URL's involved directly.

Furthermore, these long running tasks will be called by a scheduler, off 
hours, and typically there will be very few such requests a day (maybe 2 or 3 
max).  The requests are really single overnight batch processing runs.

However, deadlines preclude rearchitecting the solution to make it 
asynchronous as you suggest (it's currently synchronous) in the short term.  

Hence my looking for a way to easily fix the timeout issue that causes the 
response to be truncated when Tomcat services a long running request.

Thanks for the input....most appreciated.

Andrzej Jan Taramina
Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions

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