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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject Re: Multiple domain names to a single site
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 16:21:09 GMT
Parsons Technical Services wrote:

> You will be working with the host entries in the server.xmlFrom how I 
> read this you want and .net pointing at the same app. 
> You can do this either at the dns level or in the host entry with an 
> alias. As for master slave the master will be the desired URL. If you 
> want people to use .com the set it up as your main entry and the 
> redirect in the dns or alias .net to it. This way when they get to the 
> site the URL in the address will be .com
> If the mycompany site is the default site, as it appears to be, any 
> URL that points to the server IP that does not have a matching host 
> entry will go to the mycompany site. So you could just point both 
> mycompany urls to the IP and it will work. With this the URL will 
> remain as typed .com or .net   For public relations don't do this as 
> confusion will result. Especially when it comes to email.
You have understood me correctly and I understand what you say in 
principal. I want to do achieve the first case you describe so that if 
they enter it will remain so, if they enter it will redirect as But Im still 
not sure how to do this, when you say mainentry do you mean using dns or 
do you mean the first host in server.xml (currently I just have the 
default localhost confgured).  Then how do I create an alias for the 
second address is 'alias' a  tomcat thing or a dns thing ?

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