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From Pierrick Brihaye <>
Subject Re: CGI : environment variables
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 08:16:04 GMT

Mark Thomas a écrit :

>> Everything is OK when passShellEnvironment is used with the JDK 
>> 1.4/Windows 98 unfriendly version 5.5.4. Great !
> 5.5.4 runs quite happily for me on JDK 1.4 (heck I do all of my 5.5.x 
> development work on a 1.4 JDK). Can't say the same for Windows 98 - I 
> use XP.

5.5.4 runs OK on Windows 98 with the JDK 1.4. My comments were about :

1) the need for the compat package
2) *.bat files that use a NT specific syntax (especially %CD%)
3) the apparent necessity to have 8.3 conformant paths.

In other terms, on Windows 98, Tomcat is not as easy to install and run 
as it used to be since 4.x versions. Dot.

>> Shouldn't the non-support of passShellEnvironment be mentionned in the 
>> 5.0.x docs ?
> That fact it isn't mentioned is a pretty big hint ;).
> Seriously, I do not think it is realistic to document everything that 
> isn't implemented in one version that is in another. It leads to a 
> unmaintainable mess of documentation.

This is understandable but the fact that this parameter was present in 
4.1 versions may indicate a "regression". Wether assumed or not, a 
single line in the docs would prevent overconfidence from people like me 

This is how I reasoned :

1) passShellEnvironment is OK on 4.1
2) 4.1.28 has a CGI bug with binary content
3) an upgrade is necessary
4) 5.5.x is "difficult" (at least for my users) to install on Windows 98
5) 5.0.x is easy to install on Windows 98
6) an upgrade to 5.0.x should solve all my problems :-)

> BTW, I am pretty certain that if you take a cgiservlet.jar from 5.5.x 
> and replace the one you downloaded with 5.0.x it will work quite happily.

I didn't think about it :-) I'll have a try.

Everything is fine anyway : this is by far the most important.


Pierrick Brihaye, informaticien
Service régional de l'Inventaire
DRAC Bretagne
+33 (0)2 99 29 67 78

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