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From Garret Wilson <>
Subject Re: Apache, Tomcat, WebDAV, and Web Folders... Oh, my!
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 05:12:13 GMT
Parsons Technical Services wrote:
> It may be that the login request is not getting back to you intact. Do 
> you have another app that is protected and triggers a login prompt?

Web Folders works without problems when Tomcat is running on localhost. 
The password dialog pops up just fine.

I use Firefox to browse the directory of using GET, which goes through my 
WebDAV servlet. Firefox pops up an authentication dialog and, after I 
enter the correct username and password, displays a directory list 
generated by my WebDAV servlet.

I use DavExplorer 0.90 to open . 
DavExplorer pops up a DIGEST authentication dialog and, after I enter 
the correct username and password, allows me to access the entire WebDAV 

I use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 to browse to using HTTP GET. After a dialog 
pops up and I enter the correct username and password, the WebDAV 
servlet-generated directory list appears.

Still using MS IE 6, I try to open 
as a Web Folder using File|Open... (as Web Folder). IE reports that it 
is unable to open the location as a Web Folder---would I like to see the 
default view? If I answer in the affirmative, IE sends a GET and shows 
me the directory listing.

Why is MS Web Folders doing this strange OPTIONS thing with "/" and 
ignoring my 401 Unauthorized HTTP response?

> If all else fails, would form auth over SSL work? Just a thought, yeah I 
> know, and so are nightmares.

Form authorization with WebDAV?

But the answer is no---I want to find out what this isn't working.

Thanks anyway!


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