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From Matt Bathje <>
Subject Re: dynamically compile JSPs
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2005 22:28:08 GMT wrote:
> Usage of the JspC class.  This should be what you want.
> I work in Windows 95% of the time, and I'm a simplicity freak, so I tend do do things,
most of the time, with batch files called from UltraEdit.  Anyway, this is relevant because
one of the steps in my typical build process is a compilation of all JSP's.  I use this class
to do that.  I can give you the two lines from my batch file that does this if it would be
helpful, but I tend to think the javadocs will get you where you want to go.

This is kind of an old thread I'm replying to - but I implemented what I 
thought would work for this, and haven't been able to get anything 
working reliably. As a refresher, the scenario is this:
- a Tomcat 5.0.x server with Jasper setup in development=false mode
- I upload a jsp page through a web interface, and want it to be 
compiled/usable immediately, instead of waiting for the scheduled jasper 
- putting ?jsp_compile=true on the page doesn't seem to work
- making development=true isn't an option

After looking through the JspC documentation a little bit, I tried this 
code in my class after the JSP file is uploaded:

JspC antTask = new JspC();
antTask.setArgs(new String[] { uploadTileFilePath });

And this does not seem to compile the file reliably. It does seem like 
something is happening, because the "upload/compile" action takes about 
25-30 seconds longer to load when the jsp compilation code is included. 
In my work directory, the .java and .class files are never updated (new 
time stamp) right away.

Sometimes if I wait a bit (5-10 minutes) the files are updated properly, 
but this seems to be the normal scheduled compilation.

Sometimes if I load the page up in a browser after it has been 
uploaded/"compiled", it seems to be compiled on access, but this does 
not always happen.

I was messing around with the code a little bit, and tried this:

JspC antTask = new JspC();
antTask.setArgs(new String[] { "-compile", uploadTileFilePath });

but this always gave me an error that javax.servlet package could not be 

I then tried:

JspC antTask = new JspC();
antTask.setArgs(new String[] { uploadTileFilePath });
antTask.setArgs(new String[] { "-compile", uploadTileFilePath });

and this seemed to make it (so far) that the JSP page always gets 
compiled the next time it is loaded in a browser.

This is passable if it must be the solution, but what I would really 
like is that the file gets completely compiled during the upload/compile 
action. The reason for this is that I want the person uploading to have 
to deal with the extra processing time, and not the person loading the page.

Any help with solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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