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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: CGI : environment variables
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2005 19:28:27 GMT
Pierrick Brihaye wrote:
> Aswering to myself...
> Pierrick Brihaye a écrit :
>> I can't find any valuable help in the list archives. The 
>> passShellEnvironment init-parameter, which has a very promising name 
>> ;-), seems to be applicable to 4.1 releases only 
>> (
> Everything is OK when passShellEnvironment is used with the JDK 
> 1.4/Windows 98 unfriendly version 5.5.4. Great !

5.5.4 runs quite happily for me on JDK 1.4 (heck I do all of my 5.5.x 
development work on a 1.4 JDK). Can't say the same for Windows 98 - I 
use XP.

> Shouldn't the non-support of passShellEnvironment be mentionned in the 
> 5.0.x docs ?

That fact it isn't mentioned is a pretty big hint ;).

Seriously, I do not think it is realistic to document everything that 
isn't implemented in one version that is in another. It leads to a 
unmaintainable mess of documentation.

BTW, I am pretty certain that if you take a cgiservlet.jar from 5.5.x 
and replace the one you downloaded with 5.0.x it will work quite happily.


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