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From Tennessee Leeuwenburg <>
Subject Re: Handling HEAD request in servlet
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 02:57:01 GMT
Glad to find another human! :)

 From the spec, it looked like there should be a content-length, but 
maybe you're right. I'm writing a server for a client that expects the 
content-length to be there. As I said, I did find a workaround by just 
printing to the output stream, but it had me baffled for a while. Lucky 
everyone is still on holidays, there was some swearing going on :)...


> Yeah, you should have seen another message between me and another guy. 
> lol.  Anyways, head responses can't have a length as they are only a 
> header.  So basically all you can send back in a head request is the 
> header and the header won't have a the headers until 
> you get an empty line....if that's what you are needing to do (client 
> stuff)...server can't really do anything with the head 
> request but send headers.  I guess you can send a header for a 
> redirect to a different page if needed.  So I'm sure tomcat is wiping 
> it all out for you ... as it should be technically per the specification.

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