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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Need Consultant $$ [RE: Oracle 9i client connection to 8i database]
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 00:15:02 GMT
It sounds like your using a type2 driver. Switch to the type 4 driver and you 
don't need and Oracle binaries (except the jar file) and things might work a 
little better.


Brad Rhoads wrote:
> Our web app needs to talk to oracle. All is well if the app runs on the db
> server. But at a client site and on our now on own network, if the app is on
> a different box, it can't get an oracle connection. It works fine on 2 boxes
> at other client sites.
> A related item seems to be that since the change in our network (we just
> added a fire wall, the app itself has not changed), we have to change the
> Net8 configuration to use a service name instead of a sid.
> The web app makes a connection using a sid. (I've been looking for way to
> change our connection to use a service name with no luck so far.)
> We've had a similar problem when the app was outside the firewall, the db
> was behind it, and the firewall didn't allow high-ports through. But in the
> case of our client and our own case, both machines are behind the firewall.
> I currently have the webapp running on the db server, but the client is very
> unhappy with this and my boss wants me to seek what ever help is necessary
> to resolve this problem. 
> If you think you can help, please reply privately with your rate,
> availability. I think everything can be done remotely, but it might mean a
> trip to the client on Monday if we can't work it out by then.
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