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From Andy Kriger <>
Subject resource-ref question
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 16:14:41 GMT
I'm coming to Tomcat 5.5 from greater experience with Resin. I am
setting up a JDBC connection pool. No problems there, I have a
META-INF/context.xml file with a Resource element in the Context
block. What is strange is that I do not need a resource-ref element in
the web.xml; my connection pool works fine without it. I see in the
docs on the Context config element that Resource and resource-ref are
equivalent so I guess that makes sense.

What I wonder about is portability - this is locked into Tomcat's way
of doing things. Is there a generic way to define connection pools (or
a more generic way since I'm guessing there's always going to be some
container-specific config).


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