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From Dola Woolfe <>
Subject Re: AW: Meaning of threads
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 23:11:19 GMT

"In my experience however, this does NOT work well in
a high traffic situation."

I'm sure you're not saying that "Tomcat does NOT work
well in a high traffic situation". You are just saying
that in a high traffic situation one should turn off
keep alives.

Am I guessing correctly that I have only a few
persistent visitors (such as an office web application
that is a front end to a database) then turning keep
alives on will cause the data to be returned to the
user more promptly.

But if, say, you are running an eBay type site, keep
alives should be turned off.  Any single user will
suffer a little but the traffic will be handled

Aaron Fude

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