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From Lionel Farbos <>
Subject new Host without restarting Tomcat
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 15:05:06 GMT
Hi all,

I'd want to create and deploy new Virtual(s) Host(s) and Contexts without having to restart
the entire Tomcat Server (4.1.31 or 5.0.28).
This works if my Host(s) exist in server.xml when I start Tomcat (I follow

BUT, if I want to create and deploy new Hosts before deploying new Contexts, I don't succeed
(I tried this with the Tomcat Admin tool and the Tomcat Manager Tool)

In my test, I create a new Host (myHOST) with the Tomcat Admin tool. I put a Logger and a
manager Context into it.
The problem is :
With the Admin GUI, it is not possible to put privileged=true, 

so, when I launch http://myHost:8080/manager/html/list,
I have a SecurityException because the HTMLManagerServlet est privileged and cannot be loaded
by this web app...

I don't find a solution in the mailing lists, so,
what is the solution for this ?

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