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From "Stephen Charles Huey" <>
Subject Tomcat 4 doesn't start http service on Linux?
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2005 17:52:14 GMT
We just installed Tomcat 4 on 2 Red Hat servers, and we have a BigIP
load balancer in front of them.  In troubleshooting an issue, the guy
working with our BigIP said that when he was running Apache on either of
the Linux servers, the load balancer could tell that the http service
was running, but when Tomcat was running, it didn't know what to check
for on a service level, so in the end, they had to set it up to just do
a TCP check to see if the port was open.  

He says this isn't ideal since the port being open doesn't mean the
service is up (meaning Tomcat).  He thinks that Tomcat should start up
the http service (I guess he means httpd) when it starts--that maybe I
just need to look around in Tomcat's configuration for the place to set
this, but I'm not so sure that this is the case.  

In a nutshell:  is Tomcat supposed to start up the http service or
something similar to what BigIP is looking for from Apache?  


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