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From "Bob Carpenter" <>
Subject Tomcat 5.5.4 App Deploy Problem.
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 05:54:28 GMT
I installed Tomcat 5.5.4 on WinXP. I use JVM 1.4.2.

I have an app successfully deployed under Tomcat 4.1.18-LE that I cannot get
to deploy under 5.5.4. The app is deployed under 4.1.18 by adding a file
called ptcs.xml to the webapps folder. The file contents are:

<Context path="/ptcs" docBase="C:\Program

Adding ptcs.xml to the 5.5.4 webapps folder does not cause it to deploy. -
should it, or has the process changed?

I read the Tomcat 5.5.4 "Manager App HOW-TO" doc. In section "Install using
a Context configuration .xml file" it states that you can deploy an app
using a Context configuration file .xml file. The syntax provided is:


Assuming my ptcs.xml is a valid configuration file, I tried deploying using
all the following:

http://localhost:8080/manager/deploy?config=file:/context.xml   <<< here I
renamed ptcs.xml

In each case the error was "FAIL - Invalid context path null was specified".

Any idas on how to get this working?



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