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From "Steffen Heil" <>
Subject AW: Virtual Hosts and SSL
Date Sat, 18 Dec 2004 16:43:37 GMT

> I can't find anything specific to my question in the FAQs but I'm trying
to set up a tomcat server with virtual hosts using https. I have two ips,
each with its own SSL cert as I understand is necessary for https.
> What I want is to have each ip use port 443 with its own document tree
(virtual host) but I cannot seem to get this to work. When I set up an
additional ip to use port 443 I get an error 400 (bad request).

This should absolutely work.
Have 2 different engnies, each with it's own https-connector.
Bind these https-connectors to different IPs using it's "address" parameter.

If this does not work, submit a bug.


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