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From Eric VERGNAUD <>
Subject Re: Best place to store files ?
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 01:51:42 GMT
le 8/12/04 0:15, Wendy Smoak à a écrit :

> From: "Eric VERGNAUD" <>
>> Yes it's simple. I was just wondering whether there was a preferred method
>> for this, and maybe a folder in the Tomcat directory for that purpose.
> Nothing in the Servlet Specification requires Tomcat to provide you with a
> permanent place to put uploaded files.
> My advice would be to put them outside of Tomcat, and write a thin layer to
> insulate the Servlet from whatever decisions you're making today.  That way,
> if you decide at some point in the future to put the files in a database, or
> do something else with them, you don't have to mess with the Servlet code.
> Your Servlet shouldn't know or care where the files are, it should just call
> 'read' or 'write' and let the data access layer deal with the details.

Which is what I already do. As a matter of fact, the layer I'm using makes
it look like a database.

The only thing I was looking for is the preferred place for storing files.
If there is none, that's ok.

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