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Subject Maximum size of the request and response HTTP header
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 13:00:47 GMT
Hi all

We use Apache 2.0.50, Tomcat 4.1.30 and mod_jk 1.2.6 on Windows 2000 for our
portal server. Apache is protected by the Siteminder SSO product. We have a
content server on another Windows 2000 box, with Apache/Tomcat/mod_jk but we
would like to use Coyote on this machine because SSO is not an issue : only
the portal connects to the content, with its own client named the gateway.

We have a strange problem : when Coyote is reached by the gateway with the
FDQN (http://<FQDN>:8080/...) of the content server, the connection is
timed-out. There is no problem when we use the host name (short name)
(http://<host_name>:8080/...) or when we use Apache/mod_jk in front of
Tomcat (http://<FQDN>:80/...)

We made a network trace and it seems that the problem is on the size of the
request HTTP header size : With the short name, the gateway does not send
the Siteminder SSO cookie to the content server, so the size of the HTTP
header must be under the maximum size for Coyote. With Apache the maximum
size is 8190 Kb, which seems to be enough. But with the FQDN and Coyote, the
Siteminder cookie is sent and the HTTP header must be to big for Coyote. 

I saw in the Tomcat 5 documentation that the maximum size of a HTTP header
is 4096 Kb and it can be modified with the parameter maxHttpHeaderSize of
the Coyote connector. I did not see such parameter for Tomcat 4, so I set
maxHttpHeaderSize in the Coyote connector config for Tomcat 4 on the content
server but it made no difference.

Do you think this problem is due to the size of the header ? Do you know for
Tomcat 4 the maximum size of the HTTP header ? Is there a way to modify this
size ? 



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