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From B Wiley <>
Subject Re: setting up tomcat/JBOSS with apache
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 17:36:55 GMT

>Hello, I'm confused on something basic. I understand how to set up mod_jk2 
>and configure an app something like http://localhost/myApp/test.jsp such 
>that the app myApp is sitting in the java container but can I have myApp 
>sitting on apache i.e. /var/www/htdocs/myApp and configure a handler in 
>httpd.conf that just forwards .jsp,servlets to the java container? All I 
>see online and in every example is how mod_Jk helps you knock out the 
>:8080 but the apps have to be sitting in webapps.
>The reason I'm asking is I was hosting a site on a resin server and that 
>server seems to have the setup I was describing, you can keep your apps on 
>apache and just configure the http.conf.
>Thanks for anything, correct me please if I'm confused , i sure am confused
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