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From "Allistair Crossley" <>
Subject 2 Servers, 1 CMS, 1 Database Server + ? Tomcats ...
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 16:09:44 GMT

We are running 1 instance of Tomcat on a 2 yr old dual processor P3 1Ghz with 1GB RAM. The
application is an intranet, and it integrates with SQL Server (running on the same server)
via Tomcat-managed JNDI pools. The application has a business logic layer that has to cope
with a mixture of content management system interactions (also running on same server - Stellent),
direct JDBC calls, and lots of applications use Hibernate ORM. This server has to take a battering
from our 450 staff globally.

A weeny server for such an application you will probably agree from some of the specs I have
seen on this list. One thing it has done of course is force me to learn a lot about caching,
some profiling and stored procedure optimization as well as Java code optimization. I remember
when programmers had to alsways take scarce resource into consideration but nowadays things
are just BIG, and I wonder how much of that is attributable to bad coding.

Anyhow, that aside, my optimizations have only gotten us so far. For the most part things
nip along quite swiftly, but we also see 15-20s response times say, when an announcement goes
out with a link in an email to a content page in the application.

So, I finally managed to convince management to buy us a new server. I believe it will be
dual processor Xeon with hyperthreading etc.. but it should be quicker than our current server.
However, I want to utilize the current server still of course.

So in my mix I have Server A with competing apps 

1 x CMS
1 x SQL Server
1 x Tomcat

I am going to start thinking about the best setup for using both servers. In particular I
am interested to hear whether my current idea is any good or holds, that is

Keep Server A running CMS/SQL Server. Then use Server B and setup a bunch of Tomcat instances
with clustering. My theory which could be wrong, is that a bunch of Tomcat's on 1 server is
better than 1 Tomcat? Now, I know this leaves the possibility of some server dying and so
on, so maybe leave the 1 Tomcat on Server A and have a bunch on Server B.

I am just trying to figure out with these 2 servers, one which will be much faster than the
other, what kind of setup with Tomcat will yield the most performance for response times to

Any advice appreciated. 


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