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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: questions on WebDAV implementation
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2004 00:01:25 GMT
Peter Crowther wrote:
>>From: Mark Thomas [] 
>>The best way forward is to create a bugzilla item for 
>>this and list the issues you find in that. Even better, would 
>>be if you had patches for some (or all) of these ;)
> The Bodington III project over here in the UK will also have to face and
> fix several of these, as we're using Slide and the WebDAV servlet in our
> project - we have to admit that we'd expected the servlet to be... er...
> more complete.

webDAV support isn't part of the servlet spec so any work on webDAV is 
always going to be lower priority. Also, the aim of the Tomact webDAV 
servlet has always been to provide a light-weight implementation that 
deliberately doesn't implement the full webDAV spec.

> Do we want to pool any of the efforts so that we're not duplicating
> them?

Sounds like a sensible plan to me. Once an issue is confirmed then 
bugzilla is the place to track it. I'll happily look at any patches 


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