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From Wade Chandler <>
Subject Re: [OT] Java developer friendly Linux distro
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 15:40:47 GMT
Nat Gross wrote:
> Antony Paul wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>   Which distro (free) is most friendly for Java development. I need
>> J2SE 1.4.2 to work on it plus Eclipse 3.x(Linux dont have a good text
>> editor in which I can run Ant builds).
> I use JEDIT for quick simple editing of files, and Eclipse for the real 
> stuff. A great combination. I would not advise using JEDIT instead of 
> Eclipse but I don't want to start a war now.
> Although I am currently using Fedora Core 2, I am looking to upgrade, 
> and the folks in various Linux/Unix newsgroups are pushing me towards 
> the new Solaris 10, free from Sun. (My main Eclipse work though, for 
> now, is still on a WinXP machine.)
> fwiw,
> -nat
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I have tried Solaris on intel over the past recent years, and I love 
Sun, but my gripe with Solaris on intel is lack of drivers.  Look at 
CentOS or White Box Linux ( and 
respectfully) if you like Red Hat as they are free and use the Red Hat 
source SRPMs with only stripping out the RH branding, so they are 
Advanced and Enterprise RH for free using the same source code.  SuSE is 
also very good.  I am using 9.1 at the moment.  You can purchase SuSE9.2 
Professional for 90.00US and get like 7-8 cd's and a DVD with all kinds 
of nice applications.  I've been happy with all the ones I've mentioned. 
  I run Tomcat on all of them, I use Netbeans 4.0 without issue on all 
of them, and have been developing java on all of them for years.  SuSE 
has been using the 2.6 kernel since their 9.1 release.  I've been 
pleased with it.  I've got some friends who like the Debian based 
distros.  To install a VM on them download the non RPM version of the 
install.  That's about it really.


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