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From Peter Rossbach>
Subject Re: Adding <Host/> withOUT server restart?
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 09:13:49 GMT
HEy Robert,

I think you have also a at conf dir with 
channelSocket.port=8009 !
You are right you can also use the, but I preferred the 
direct server.xml configuration (Default 5.5).

The example configured the RMI JMX Adaptor:
This RMI Adaptor is only included at MX4J 1.1.1 and deprecated for MX4j 
2.x. Only chance to  get
this adaptor to work, is compiling the complete mx4j 2.x or get a old 
mx4j release.

The MX4J Http JMX Adaptor can be configured with:

<Connector protocol="AJP/1.3" port="8009" mx.enabled="true" 
mx.httpPort="9050" mx.httpHost="localhost" />
(delete conf(


Robert Hunt schrieb:

>I added the mx4j-tools.jar to the classpath and <Connector/> node as noted.  I had
to add 'port="9050"' to the <Connector/> node to skew it away from the 8009 default.
>But now I'm stuck; what front-end should be used?  You instructions conflict with what's
found here:

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