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From Kay Farin <>
Subject TOMCAT adds "/servlet" to URL -> program doesn`t work
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 09:01:17 GMT

This is my first post at this list...
I`am currently trying to set up some webapps on a TOMCAT 5.5.6 installation.

There is a HTML page index.html containing an applet. Let`s call this
app "ball".
When I hit a certain image button within this applet, it sends some data
to a server. Then the server generates some output, sends it back and
the applet then visualizes this output data just received.
The files index.html and the whole JAVA package structure are starting
at the same directory level.
Everything works fine when I don`t create a WAR file out of this.

The path to index.html on the TOMCAT server is
http://host:port/ball/index.html. The page index.html loads the applet
successfully and starts it as well. But when I try to send the data,
there`s an FileNotFoundException showing a wrong calling path of a JAVA
class within the package structure!

Let`s say, the class file is placed in the package "test.servlets.DServlet".
So the calling path that one should expect would be
"http://host:port/ball/test.servlets.DServlet", wouldn`t it?

But the error message on the JAVA console states:
not to be found!

The string "/servlet" is added, so the app can`t find the correct class.

I have been searching all config files for a while now but I can`t find
this string. I could have added the string in some path variables or so,
but haven`t found anything like that until now.

Does anyone have an idea of what is going on here?
Thanks, Kay

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