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From Jim Lynch <>
Subject Application looping
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 13:36:02 GMT
Hi, all,

I'm attempting to port an application from one system to another.  I 
originally wrote it on a debian system and ported it to a RH 7.2 
system.  Now I'm trying to move it to a RH 9 system.  I installed the 
latest Tomcat 4.1.31, java 1.4.2_06 and Apache 1.3.  Orignally this 
system had Apache 2, java 1.4.2_05 and Tomcat 4.1.30.  I was never able 
to get mod_jk2 working so that's why I backed off to Apache 1.3.  I 
don't think that made any difference since the application continues to 
loop in either configuration.  It boils down to the following code.

I have a method in my servlet class that looks like:

  protected void getJspPage(HttpServletRequest request,
                            HttpServletResponse response, String pageName){
    RequestDispatcher dispatcher = request.getRequestDispatcher(pageName);
      _logger.debug("Dispatcher is Dispatching "+pageName);
      dispatcher.forward(request, response);
    }catch ( Exception e ) {
      _logger.debug("Exception in RequestHandler.getJspPage - 

It is invoked by the following:

  private final String SELECT_PAGE ="nindex.jsp";
      request.setAttribute("Notes","Add unique notes for this data set");
      getJspPage(request, response, SELECT_PAGE);
      _logger.debug("Good bye");

I have a javascript alert message in nindex.jsp that tells me it was 
loaded into the browser.

The problem is that the dispatcher.forward method never returns.  I 
never see the "Good bye" message in the log. 

Here's from the log:

04-12-14 07:01:40|DEBUG|           
manpower.servlets.NafoServlet|Dispatcher is Dispatching nindex.jsp
04-12-14 07:01:40|DEBUG|           manpower.servlets.NafoServlet|Into 
NafoServlet Url =/nindex.jsp
04-12-14 07:01:40|DEBUG|           
manpower.servlets.NafoServlet|********************     Resources Servlet 
running ****************

The first line is from the previously mentioned method.  The second and 
third line are from the servelet and are issued when the servlet 
starts.  The alert message never gets displayed except the first time 
the jsp is loaded.

The log fills up with messages showing the same code being executed over 
and over.  Note there is no delay in the time the servlet (supposedly) 
ends and starts up again.

I'm stumped.  It continues to work on Debian and RH 7.2 but fails on RH 
9 with updated Tomcat and Java.

Any suggestions?


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