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From Hollerman Geralyn M <>
Subject What does this mean? (Tomcat manager)
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 15:50:07 GMT
In using the Tomcat manager app with 5.0.16, we got some odd results when our
backend database started acting funny and then crashed; I'm just curious as to
whether the results we saw on the Tomcat manager indicate that there's something
I should be looking at.

Specifically, what I saw was that the "Current thread count" and "Current thread
busy" on our http connector both specified NEGATIVE values soon after the
database started having trouble, and on our https connector, the value listed
for both items was "0". There were no errors in the catalina.out that appeared
to be related to this - naturally, our database log had plenty of errors. But
what I want to assure myself is that Tomcat was operating as intended - or does
the display of either of those values have a particular significance to Tomcat?


Lynn Hollerman.

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