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From Cumbers <>
Subject war not deploying
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 15:37:31 GMT
Hey guys

I am trying to use ant with cactus to deploy my app to Tomcat and then 
test. I can run the ant tasks on the examples, i tested the servlet 
example that comes with the cactus download and it creates its own 
Tomcat instance, puts the cactified war file under the webapps dir and, 
most importantly, it unpacks the war file. cactus then runs the tests.

Currently with my app a temporary instance of Tomcat is created, the 
cactified war file is placed under webapps, but the dam thing is not 
unpacking the war file, and giving me errors like:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Document base 
/tmp/cactus/tomcat5x/webapps/rms-dev does not exist or is not a readable 

Now I know this is not available because the war file is not unpacked. 
Is there a school boy error I am making? Can anyone help?!

Now I know this could be a cactus problem, but it could be a tomcat 
config problem. Please don't flame me!



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